I believe the years I spent at JMA has shaped me into the future educator I am today. Because I was surrounded by encouraging, positive teachers throughout my many years of school, I want to provide this same support for my future students. I look forward to completing my degree in Early Childhood Education in May and apply for graduate school. There was never a time when a teacher was not rooting for me for to do my absolute best. I have learned what it takes in order for me to be a support system for my students.

One memory that will always stand out to me in my history of JMA would be the closeness my class shared throughout our years of school. I believe that this special bond is not something that can be created any other school. The thirty- two people I went to school with were just not my classmates, but also my brothers and sisters.

Lynsey Rowland, JMA 2011; GC&SU 2015, Creekside Elementary School 2nd Grade

One of the reasons we chose JMA was the size and the family feel of the school. We felt like our children would be more than a number on a page or a statistic in the books. We felt that they would have a chance to shine in the small atmosphere of the school and be nurtured by the faculty who could find unique ways to tap in to their talents. I think that JMA continues to provide that type of care to our students and families.”

Katherin Smith, parent to Brittany ‘14 and Erin ‘17

My years at John Milledge gave me the support and educational background I needed to succeed in college. They also gave me time to think about the person I ultimately wanted to become — an involved and dedicated student both in college and beyond, a strong and sensitive leader, and a committed individual who will have a positive influence on society. The different extracurricular clubs and organizations I was in outside of classes at JMA fostered my commitment to public service and to my community as well, and I will always be grateful for the impact JMA has made on my life.

Elena Faria, JMA 2009, University of South Carolina 2013; J.D Candidate, University of Virginia Law School

From a community aspect, I see JMA as heritage. We are a school built on family, good values, and intentional relationships.

As a parent, JMA is personable. For instance, my son’s teacher and class made cards and a video when he was sick last week. Knowing that I walk in to this school with my kids and the teachers know them – truly know them – and love on them makes my heart happy.

As a faculty member, I love that JMA is based on foundations and that we are intentional in our teaching. Our academics are based on the necessities of not just academics but also life skills. I love that we focus on the success of our students and that we don’t just “teach to test.” There is a genuine interest in their growth and knowledge, not just on them making the right grades.”

Lori England, faculty, parent to Tyler ’23 and Justin ‘25

Attending John Milledge provided me with many opportunities that I might not have been given elsewhere. Every teacher truly takes an initiative to invest their time in the students and help them to achieve their goals. Even during college, I was able to contact several John Milledge teachers if I ever needed them and was met with the same amount of care and compassion toward helping me succeed.

I’m excited to return and give back to my community; I am currently working as a RN, BSN at Oconee Regional Medical Center in Milledgeville on Labor and Delivery.

With over 14 years of memories from my time at JMA, I would have to say my fondest memory was competing in the class dance-off during homecoming my senior year. My classmates and I had a blast coming up with a fun dance for the contest, and we won!

Kelli Chandler, JM 2010; GSU (Go Eagles!) 2014

I want to take a moment to be a bragging mother and tell you about my son, John Lane (JMA c/o 2005 and UGA c/o 2010).  In November, he was in Bangkok at the One Young World Conference for  innovative young men and women under 30.  He was chosen by Coca-Cola (his employer) to be one of 4 representatives from Coke North America. There are about 1300 representatives at the conference from various companies worldwide.  If interested, the website is oneyoungworld.com

As the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child,” and I know JMA helped him reach this point in his life.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and giving him a safe and loving environment in which to learn. This is why I love this school – we really are family!

Cissy Lane, Parent

We are all in. The teachers here view teaching as not just a profession but a way of life. The teachers design meaningful and engaging curriculum not because it’s their job but because they want to educate children. We are a safe, wholesome environment. We are a close-knit community. What is best for each child is our primary concern, rather than a blind allegiance to bureaucracy. Our turnover is low because our teachers love working here and, as a result, we are experienced. We are education “the way it used to be” but with all the modern technology of the 21st century and with new strategies carefully chosen by teachers themselves rather than mandated.

Kimberly Purvis, faculty, parent to Jack ’25 and Claire ‘26