Portrait of a Graduate

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At John Milledge Academy, we are committed to graduating men and women who:

  • Think deeply, critically, logically, creatively, and prayerfully to solve problems;
  • Evaluate and reflect on information independently;
  • Thirst to acquire new knowledge continually and work for success;
  • Possess the ability to write clearly, speak proficiently, communicate effectively, express opinions, and read with comprehension;
  • Strive to be a leader in our community as a kind, thoughtful, positive, honest and patriotic citizen;
  • Accept responsibility and demonstrate accountability for their work and actions;
  • Participate confidently in academics and arts as a life-long learner;
  • Cultivate habits of worship, discipline, servitude, discernment, and self-reflection;
  • Respect cultures and beliefs not their own;
  • Persevere in competition regardless of the arena, with honor in defeat.