GOAL Scholarship

Give the kids credit!

You have the opportunity to help fund the education of our children. Through the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program, a student scholarship organization created under the 2008 Georgia law, taxpayers may give a Georgia income tax credit (not merely a deduction) for scholarship contributions.

Because many of us are not in a position to redirect a significant portion of our state income tax payments, we ask that you consider at least $100 of your Georgia income taxes for GOAL scholarships during your enrollment process.

What to Expect

You will occasionally receive reminders about this opportunity to contribute to education. You may wish to adjust your income tax withholdings to build a reserve from which subsequent redirects can be made to GOAL for the scholarships. The GOAL pre-approval form must be filed with the Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR). Please submit this form and we will file it with the DOR for you. Be sure to indicate the initial amount you wish to contribute. Within 30 days, the DOR should return the approved form to you. Once you receive the approved form, please deliver a copy to the JMA development office with your check made payable to “Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program.”

*In the memo section on your check you must write John Milledge Academy. We will send the approved form and check to GOAL for you. Within 30 days of the contribution, you will receive an Acknowledgment Form from GOAL that must be filed with your Georgia income tax return.

To learn more, contact:

John Milledge Admissions Office
phone: 478.452.5570 ext. 402
email: dbayne@johnmilledge.org