2014-15 Website Bentley

Engaged Learning!

2014-15 Var. Cheer

Trojan Football and Varsity Cheerleaders

Website 2014-15 Upper1

Mathematics with Mr. Gallagher and Spanish with Mrs. Latimer

2014-15 Kindergarten

Kindergarten Classes in action with tablets!


Pre-K with Mrs. England(left) and Mrs. Simpson (right)


Academics – English Students may use a Mobile Lab in addition to four permanent labs.


Mr. Hopkins with some big help from his little friends!

JMA Athletic Program

Video: Parenting your Student Athelete


Welcome to Trojan Athletics!

The athletic programs at John Milledge Academy are an integral part of the school’s total commitment to providing a well rounded education.  John Milledge Academy’s coaches strive to help athletes perform at their peak levels and achieve successes they never expected by the development of a team culture of excellence through good sportsmanship, cooperation, and loyalty to our school.  Purposes of the athletic program, regardless of the age level, include fostering traits of unselfishness, commitment, dedication and hard work.  Through experiencing the intensity of athletic competition, young people begin to understand life in a way that will help shape their overall personal ideas and values and develop positive character traits for success in life in the future. 

If I or any of our coaches can be of assistance to you please let us know. 

Dwight Danuser
Athletic Director