In 2007, JMA reached a new milestone with the establishment of our endowment program.  An endowment is the gift that keeps giving since the funds are invested and a part of the income generated each year is used to support the educational mission of JMA. The original funds used to establish the endowment were partially made through direct contributions through our Annual Loyalty Fund that included gifts made in memory of two John Milledge alumni.  With these generous donations we have been able to recognize two graduating seniors each year with deserving awards. Increasing our Endowment Program will enable John Milledge to be more supportive of its students, faculty and staff.

Here are a just a few of the advantages of an endowment:

  • Financial Assistance for current JMA students
  • Scholarships for graduating Seniors
  • Training for teachers
  • Salary increases for faculty and staff
  • Enhanced employee benefits

For more information on our endowment program or to make a gift, contact Mrs. Dianne Bayne in the Development Office, 478.452.5570 at ext. 402 or by email at dbayne@johnmilledge.org.

Remember that all gifts made to JMA are tax-deductable.