Faculty and Staff

Administration & StaffPre-K, Kindergarten, & DaycareElementary SchoolMiddle SchoolHigh SchoolCoaching Staff
Head of SchoolMrs. Jessica R. Jonesjjones@johnmilledge.org478-452-5570 X 409
Dir. of Admissions/
Business Manager
Mrs. Dianne Baynedbayne@johnmilledge.org478-452-5570 X 402
High School and Head of School
Admin. Asst
Mrs. Misty Glovermglover@johnmilledge.org478-452-5570 X 409
Middle School Admin. Asst. and BookkeepingMrs. Malinda NeSmithmanesmith@johnmilledge.org478-452-5570 X 401
Elementary School Admin. Asst.Mrs. Courtney Hitchcockchitchcock@johnmilledge.org478-452-5570 X 406
Dean of High School Students Mr. David Gallagherdgallagher@johnmilledge,org478-452-5570 X 456
Dean of Middle School StudentsDr. Sharon Turnersturner@johnmilledge.org478-452-5570 x 404
Dean of Elem. School StudentsMrs. Jennifer Aldridgejaldridge@johnmilledge.org478-452-5570 X 407
CounselorMrs. Monica Lingmling@johnmilledge.org478-452-5570 X 419
Counselor ConsultantMrs. Mary Helen Edwards
medwards@johnmilledge.org478-452-5570 X 419
Instructional Support ConsultantMrs. Kris Cutrightkcutright@johnmilledge.org478-452-5570 x 418
Athletic DirectorMr. J.T. Walljwall@johnmilledge.org478-452-5570 X 421
Dir. of TechnologyMr. Carl Langstonclangston@johnmilledge.org478-452-5570 X 412
Dir. of OperationsMr. Dwight Danuserlprestridge@johnmilledge.org478-452-5570 X 425
Grade and SubjectNameEmailTeacher's Web Page
Pre – KindergartenMrs. Kathy Sheppardksheppard@johnmilledge.orgMrs. Kathy Sheppard
Pre-Kindergarten AideMrs. Crystal Johnsoncjohnson@johnmilledge.orgMrs. Crystal Johnson
Kindergarten TeacherMrs. Hannah Cowarthcowart@johnmilledge.orgHannah Cowart
Kindergarten AideMrs. Donna Hobbsdhobbs@johnmilledge.orgDonna Hobbs
Kindergarten TeacherMrs. Katherin Smithksmith@johnmilledge.orgKatherin Smith
Kindergarten AideMrs. Lori Englandlengland@johnmilledge.orgLori England
Daycare DirectorMrs. Debbie Weaverdweaver@johnmilledge.org
EventCoach's Web PageEmailOffice Number
Athletic DirectorMr. J.T. Walljwall@johnmilledge.org478-452-5570 X 421
Varsity Football Head CoachMr. J.T. Walljwall@johnmilledge.org478-452-5570 X 421
Varsity Baseball Head CoachMr. Andy Bonifayabonifay@johnmilledge.org478-452-5570 X 310
Varsity Boy's Basketball Head CoachMr. David Gallagherdgallagher@johnmilledge.org478-452-5570 X 456
Varsity Girls’ Basketball Head Coach / M.S. Football Asst. CoachMr. Paul Brookspbrooks@johnmilledge.org478-452-5570 X 423
Varsity Softball Head CoachMr. Gordon Veal gveal@johnmilledge.org478-452-5570 X 421
Varsity Wrestling Head CoachMr. Doug Stephensdstephens@johnmilledge.org478-452-5570 X 421
Varsity Boys’ Soccer Head CoachMr. Cody Mahlercmahler@johnmilledge.org478-452-5570 X 409
Varsity Girls’ Soccer Head Coach / Var. Cross CountryMr. Cody Mahlercmahler@johnmilledge.org478-452-5570 X 409
Varsity Cross Country / Asst. Var. Boys BasketballMr. Bo Kilbybkilby@johnmilledge.org478-452-5570 X 421
Varsity and MS TrackMr. Steve Franklinjwall@johnmilledge.org478-452-5570 X 421
PE, V. Girls Basketball Asst. Coach, Varsity and MS Track Head CoachMrs. Natasha Gainousngainous@johnmilledge.org478-452-5570 X 416
Varsity Cheer/Competition Cheerleading/Wrestling Head CoachMr. Doug Stephensdstephens@johnmilledge.org478-452-5570 X 401
Middle School Football and M.S. Baseball Head CoachMr. Dwight Danuserddanuser@johnmilledge.org478-452-5570 X 421
Middle School Boys' SoccerBo Kilbybkilby@johnmilledge.org478-452-5570 X 421
Middle School Girls’ SoccerShelby Roberts Frenchsroberts@johnmilledge.org478-452-5570 X 417
Middle School Cheer and Competition CheerMs. Elizabeth Davisjdstephens@johnmilledge.org478-452-5570 X 421
Middle School SoftballTraci Rollins and Shelby Robertssroberts@johnmilledge.org478-452-5570 X 421